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The SetLife Network

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This 7-week program promotes collaborative learning by bringing a core group of developers and contributors together to work towards achieving focused, project-based objectives. Essential costs such as room, board, travel, and workspace are covered by The SetLife Network. This serves to provide not only an environment for optimal work performance, but also a level of comfort for developers to learn and reinforce their knowledge and skills in order to complete the project objectives.


Budget: $10,000

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: October 1st - November 20th

Project Objectives

1. Funded GitHub Issues MVP

The goal is to work on a basic minimum viable product (MVP) that can be used for funding startups and open-source projects directly on the basis of issue resolution and progress. This involves a collaboration between a project’s Leaders, Investors, and Developers to create an incentivized system for adding value to a project.

See the current v1.0 Specification for further details.

2. Fundraising Pitch Deck

A comprehensive presentation will be developed that outlines and details the long-term mission of The SetLife Network. A set of multiple decks will be shared with strategic contacts in order to schedule calls and meetings through the end of 2018 and into 2019. A standard term sheet will also be required to execute on committed funds. Currently an 18-24 month operation will be financed with quarterly disbursements of funds that adhere to the mission of the nonprofit.

3. Core Curriculum Launch

The SetLife Technology Curriculum is a publicly available resource that should undergo continuous development and iteration by the community. Currently a direct link has not been exposed on the website and a final sprint cycle should include a launch campaign after further copywriting and visual improvements.

4. International Operations

The SetLife Network currently operates as an American not-for-profit corporation organized in the State of Florida. This objective includes researching the viability and administrative requirements for incorporating as an official entity in Barcelona, Spain. A bank account may also be opened to enable international operations and provide easier access to potential clients, contractors, and employees throughout Europe.